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ERRA Research Paper: Hydrogen – A Regulatory Approach

The paper discusses production classification, hydrogen roll-out strategies with case studies, principles and challenges of H2 regulation.

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Quarter: Household Energy Price Index for Europe (HEPI)

HEPI provides granular insight into current and historical European residential energy prices in 33 European capital cities on a monthly basis starting from January 2009.

“Beyond the Crisis” – CRE France Symposium

Re-thinking the design of power markets with focusing on 1) Wholesale Prices 2) Investments 3) Consumers.
natural gas glossary

ERRA glossary of regulatory terms for natural gas

The ERRA natural gas glossary comprises over 170 practical definitions referring to the gas sector regulation. The resource was compiled by the Natural Gas Markets and Economic Regulation Committee.

Research Paper: Unbundling and certification of TSOs with case studies

ERRA’s new Research Paper titled: Unbundling and certification of gas transmission system operators in line with the EU acquis is now available. It provides a refreshed perspective on gas TSOs unbundling and certification with 3 case studies on the certification process in EU and its neighbouring countries.

Natural gas price trends on the NG COM agenda

Check select country updates on domestic price trends and national price regulation measures.

Press Release: ERRA provides financial support for Ukraine’s energy sector

The donation through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund will be used to purchase vital emergency energy equipment and fuels to ease the hardship of Ukrainian people in anticipation of the most challenging winter in decades.
Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) member news

ERRA Member News: Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL)

The GIPL connects the Baltic states and Finland with the EU pipeline system. Together with the Klaipėda LNG terminal it has become an important piece of energy security infrastructure for the entire Baltic region and Poland.

ERRA Tariff Database Report on 2021 Quarterly and Annual Data Submissions

Basing on the latest database inputs ERRA has issued its latest report on 2021 data: I) Q4 gas & electricity wholesale and end-user prices; II) Annual data on revenue determinants for regulated utilities and operators.