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Natural Gas System Basics for Non-Engineers

The course will focus on technical, physical and engineering aspects of the natural gas system from production to distribution presenting the 3 main segments (upstream, midstream and downstream).
Power System Basics for Non-Engineers lead

Power System Basics for Non-Engineers

This course is a perfect quick learning exercise for non-technicals who would like to understand the physics and engineering fundamentals that go behind providing electricity supply.
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Women in the Energy Sector

The concept of the series bases on interviews with leading female figures in the energy industry with a purpose of learning from their inspiring biographies and reflections on the course of their professional paths.

ERRA Annual Conference

This flagship ERRA event will take place for the 20th time since it was first held in 2001 and gives excellent opportunity for a dialogue between the regulators and other stakeholders of the energy industry.

Regulation of Energy Storage

The course aims to provide participants with the necessary understanding on how to structure regulation for energy storage across different power markets.