ERRA Research Paper: Hydrogen – A Regulatory Approach

The paper discusses production classification, hydrogen roll-out strategies with case studies, principles and challenges of H2 regulation.

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Quarter: Household Energy Price Index for Europe (HEPI)

HEPI provides granular insight into current and historical European residential energy prices in 33 European capital cities on a monthly basis starting from January 2009.

Summary Report on ERRA Regulatory Sandboxes Workshop

Read our summary on regulatory experiments affecting technology and innovation and the related derogations, exemptions & pilot projects.
RE COM publication

ERRA Renewable Committee Survey: E-Mobility -Status Update, Plans and Related Regulatory Issues

EVs have been on the radar of energy regulators for quite some time, that is why ERRA regularly monitors developments with regards to e-mobility regulations among its members.

CP WG Report on Mitigating Impacts of Pandemic and High Energy Prices (2019 – 2022 Q1)

The report explores various regulatory and policy responses to pandemic recovery-driven market and supply chain shocks as well as the early stage of the crisis in the energy sector.

ERRA Study on Regulatory Approaches of Electricity TSO & DSO Network Tariff Structures

The study provides a thorough analysis of network use-of-system and connection charges with plenty of useful data and with key considerations for each discussed topic based on input from 26 member organisations.

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Quarter: Pioneering Energy Transition via Dedicated Department

The newly created Energy Transition department at EMRA Türkiye, tackles issues such as electric vehicles charging services, digital transformation, R&D and innovation, complementary markets as well as alternative fuels.

ERRA Tariff Database Report on 2021 Quarterly and Annual Data Submissions

Basing on the latest database inputs ERRA has issued its latest report on 2021 data: I) Q4 gas & electricity wholesale and end-user prices; II) Annual data on revenue determinants for regulated utilities and operators.
Regualtory Story of the Month: AERA-MEKH

ERRA Regulatory Story of the Month: Bilateral Training Cooperation between AERA Azerbaijan and MEKH Hungary

March 2022 regulatory story bases on the bilateral cooperation on regulatory training between the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) and the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA).