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3 new video presentations available!

Alexandros Pramagioulis, Managing Consultant, Economic Consulting Associates, United Kingdom: Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms and the UK Experience Arben Kllokoqi, Electricity Expert, Energy Community: EU’s REMIT regulation Ville Vare, Senior Engineer, Energy Authority of Finland: Electricity security of...
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Joint Virtual Meeting of ERRA Committees

The purpose of the virtual meetings organized on January 23 is to complement the physical meetings of the committees by providing a platform for discussion in between two physical meetings.
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Service Quality Indicators presentation available for ERRA members – Audio recording and PPT

The presentation by Ognjen RADOVIC - E-Control, Austria was presented during the ERRA CRM WG meeting in December 2017 and is based on the 6th CEER Benchmarking Report on the Quality of Electricity and...
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2nd Workshop on Natural Gas Market Design and Gas Transmission Grid Codes

ERRA/NARUC/USAID are organising the 2nd Workshop on Natural Gas Market Design and Gas Transmission Grid Codes in Budapest on December 7-8 hosted by the Hungarian Regulator. The workshop features presentations and case studies on...
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Customer Working Group Meeting in Budapest

ERRA’s member regulators responsible for customer/retail markets issues gather in Budapest to discuss topics such as service quality, switching supplier, consumer rights and many others during their 2-day meeting.
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ERRA Award – video summaries by Winners

These are short video summaries of the ERRA Regulatory Research Award 2017 Winner Papers available at: Please watch the authors introducing their research papers! The full list of ERRA video presentations can be found...
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ERRA Training Course for the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission this week

26 Nigerian energy regulators joined ERRA’s tailor-made educational program starting today in Budapest.
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30 Water Regulators Gather in Budapest to Participate in ERRA’s Water Regulatory Training

ERRA’s 3rd Training Course on Water Utility Regulation starts today. This 5-day training was launched in 2015 as a pioneering product in order to develop the skills of water regulators.
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ERRA’s celebrating the opening of its new Office today

It is a great honor to welcome the Chairmen of several ERRA member organisations, representatives of their Embassies in Budapest as well as major Hungarian utilities for this Office Inauguration Party.
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ERRA Chairmen Meeting organized on November 9 in Budapest, Hungary

The 2nd ERRA Chairmen Meeting of 2017 was opened by Chairman Mart Ots in the premises of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA) in Budapest today.
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