Past Events


Electrification Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa II.

The webinar on November 9, 2022 focused on the financial, development and regulatory side of mini-grids with these systems becoming a key component of countries’ electrification plans, and their development requires appropriate regulatory frameworks.
Regulatrion of LNG Supply and Terminals Webinar lead

Regulation of LNG Supply and Terminals

The webinar approaches the topic from regulatory perspectives of LNG infrastructure access and tariffs. In order to look into the practical dimension of LNG supply it also explores case study examples from specific LNG facilities presented by representatives of the terminals and/or regulators.
Energy Market Surveillance Webinar Series lead

Energy Market Surveillance III: Supervisory Tools and Sanctioning

The purpose of the third edition of the series of ERRA webinars on Energy Market Surveillance is to present two important areas related to market surveillance, namely sanctioning and procedural measures. During the first part of the webinar, representatives of the FERC of the U.S. will present powers of regulators and sanctioning under U.S. laws while the speaker of the ACER will present issues related to market surveillance under REMIT.
Energy Market Surveillance Webinar Series lead

Energy Market Surveillance II: Regulators and Market Participants

The second edition of the Market Surveillance Webinar series will explore relations within the energy market surveillance system occurring between regulators and various market participants. The event will stress the necessity of adoption of reporting and compliance systems by market participants and the role of guidelines from regulators that help them navigating through the established rules of fair and legal conduct. 

Energy Market Surveillance I: Fundamentals of Enforcement and Abusive Practices

The purpose of the first such webinar is to present fundamentals of effective functioning of energy market regulatory surveillance and monitoring systems. This introductory program gives guidance to regulators on how to plan and develop sound systems of energy market surveillance.
Natural Gas Tariff Setting Training lead

Natural Gas Tariff Setting: A Practical Guide

The course guides participants through the steps of natural gas infrastructure tariff and end user price setting in theory and in practice.
Electricity Tariff Setting Training lead

Electricity Tariff Setting: A Practical Guide

This course equips with applied price regulation: tariff structure design, utility revenue calculation and modelling skills.
Understanding the Basics of Energy Trading Training lead

Understanding the Basics of Energy Trading

Basics of Energy Trading online course is a complete package of knowledge on trading, energy portfolio management & market surveillance with trading simulations.

Women in the Energy Sector – International Women’s Day

ERRA has been celebrating the International Women’s Day by greeting its women regulators on the occasion for many years.