ERRA Regulatory Story of the Month: Dubai District Cooling


June 2021 regulatory story derives from the Dubai’s Emirate news on the new resolution that sets out basis for District Cooling regulatory oversight.

In March 2021, Dubai’s Executive Council issued a resolution introducing regulation to the District Cooling sector in the Emirate.
The Regulatory and Supervisory Bureau (RSB) will regulate Service Providers – those that own and operate District Cooling Systems; and Billing Agents – those that manage the onward billing of cooling services within buildings.

The Executive Council Resolution grants powers to the RSB to:

  • Set technical standards,
  • Prescribe measures that a Licensee may take against customers in arrears,
  • Resolve disputes,
  • Approve the basis on which district cooling services are charged and the content of bills,
  • Set a standard contract for the provision of district cooling services,
  • Approve licensee’s complaint handling processes, and
  • Adjudicate where a service provider objects to another’s application to use infrastructure service corridors in the highway.


More details about the process are available in the article!

Access the entire article below:


Dubai District Cooling