The General Assembly is the Association’s supreme body comprised of all Full Members. The Assembly supervises the activities and affairs of the Association, including matters of program and objective definition. The Assembly meets at least once a year. It has the following functions and authorities:

  • make membership application and expulsion decisions;
  • establish and amend the Constitution;
  • review and direct actions of the Chairman or Presidium and establish guidelines to instruct their decisions and actions;
  • establish the date and place of the Annual Conference of the Association;
  • adopt Guidelines and Procedures that are consistent with the Constitution for the conduct of the Association’s affairs;
  • establish Standing and other Committees;
  • oversee the finances of the Association – adoption of an Annual Budget, establishment of Annual Membership Dues levels, and acceptance of the Annual Report of the Presidium;
  • merge the Association with another non-profit organization or decide upon dissolution of the Association; and
  • make decisions in all matters which fall into the exclusive authority of the General Assembly as provided by this Constitution.

For more details please see Article VI of the ERRA Constitution.