10 Questions to Ask About Electricity Tariffs

The 10 Questions to Ask Series, or the 10Q Series, is an initiative of the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) and Prayas,Energy Group. It aims to build the capacity of electricity
sector stakeholders—government agencies, regulators, utilities, the private sector, civil society, and others—
to design and participate in policy making and implementation processes. Each paper in the series asks a set of 10 questions relevant to a particular topic within the broader electricity sector. The series pays particular attention to public interests—interests in which society has a stake and that warrant government recognition, promotion, and protection. These interests may include decisions concerning public expenditures, affordability, service quality, and impact on local and global resources.

Dixit, S., A. Chitnis, Wood, D., B. Jairaj, and S. Martin. 2014. “10 Questions to Ask About Electricity Tariffs.” Working Paper. Washington, D.C.: World ResourcesInstitute


Chitnis, Ashwini; Dixit, Shantanu; Jairaj, Bharath; Martin, Sarah; Wood, Davida

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