10 Questions to Ask About Scaling On-grid Renewable Energy

10 Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy” provides a framework to help stakeholders—including decision-makers, investors, civil society, and others—engage with each other to resolve common questions. It is primarily intended for regulated or partially regulated electricity industry structures and offers questions about renewable energy planning for stakeholders to consider. This framework paper focuses on large-scale renewable
energy projects that are not on the customer’s side of the meter, but are connected directly to the grid. Because
large-scale and small-scale RE systems have different market structures (see Box 2), two “10 Questions to Ask”
frameworks will explore elements of scaling renewable energy. Whereas this framework addresses target setting
and planning for renewable energy generally and the enabling environment necessary for larger scale systems,
a second framework paper will address the enabling environment necessary for smaller systems that may be on grid, off grid, or sometimes on grid.

Wood, D., S. Martin, B. Jairaj, S. Dixit, and L. Tawney. 2014. “10 Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid
Renewable Energy.” Working Paper. Washington, D.C.: World Resources Institute.


Dixit, Shantanu; Jairaj, Bharath; Martin, Sarah; Tawney, Letha Wood, Davida

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