Renewable Energy Potential and Its Utilization in Georgia

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This paper explores characteristics of Georgia’s renewable energy resources for the entire country as well as at the regional level. Georgia is quite rich in renewables that could supplement the lack of heating resources (fossil fuel) throughout the country. The article assesses the utilization conditions of renewable energy resources, whether or not Georgia is in favorable situation in terms of hydro energy resources. However, according to the data of 2017 hydro power plants generated solely 11.4% of its technical capacity and 23.6% of economic potential, when solar and wind energy utilization is at an early stage of its development. The study provides proposals for far more appropriate utilization of the aforementioned resources. Current energy balance of Georgia is in great deficiency while the country is rich with renewable energy resources. This indicates that promotion and development of renewable energy should be the primary goal of the country.

The Research Article is published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Renewable Resources.