Connection of New Customers and Capacity Enlargement and Overview of Connection Charges in the ERRA Member countries

This paper will review the regulatory concepts and approaches that govern the connection of new consumers to the electric distribution and transmission system. The approaches cover regulations pertaining to the connection of distribution end-use
customers, wholesale transmission end-use customers, and wholesale generation customers. The paper then goes on to discuss how to plan for capacity enlargements that result from increases in demand for electric supply. Part I will begin with a description of how new U.S. retail customers are connected to the electric distribution system and how wholesale customers are connected to the transmission system. In Part II, the paper will cover the issues associated with integrated resource planning under traditional regulatory regimes and planning for capacity enlargement in market-based regimes. The paper will conclude with recommendations to consider when connecting new customers or enlarging the capacity of the electric systems within the ERRA region.


ERRA Tariff/Pricing Committee; Waldstein, Sandra

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