A Description of Current Regulatory Practices for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency

In the framework of the G8 of Energy Ministers, Rome, 24-25 May 2009, gas and electricity
regulators from around the world committed to prepare a report on regulatory practices for
energy efficiency1 to be presented to the Muskoka G8 meeting of 25 and 26 June 2010.
This report is the first ever produced by the ICER, the recently founded International
Confederation of Energy Regulators2. ICER was founded in October 2009 to enable the world’s
gas and electricity regulators to co-operate on major global issues. The report presents
information gathered from the world’s energy markets on regulatory practices aimed at fostering
energy efficiency.
In the preparation of this report we encountered a number of challenges:

  • Energy efficiency is a relatively under-researched field in comparison with its importance
    as an area of great policy interest in tackling climate change;
  • There is very limited systematic gathering of information on energy efficiency beyond
    national or regional boundaries;
  • Comparative analysis of the different approaches used to promote energy efficiency
    worldwide is also very limited.

This report is the first step in seeking to address these challenges, and through our planned
future work we expect to provide a significant contribution to the development of energy
efficiency policy and the identification and spread of best regulatory practice.


International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER)

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