Energy Market Profile of Turkey

The Energy Market Profile of Turkey is a joint publication of the Energy Market Regulatory
Authority of Turkey (EMRA) and of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA). EMRA
has been a full member of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) since 2001.
EMRA has been a committed member of the Association over the past years by providing
significant expert assistance to the ERRA Presidium and its standing committees. ERRA is
proud of having been able to witness the rapidly growing economy of Turkey and the promptly
developing regulation. EMRA strives to ensure the development of financially sound and
transparent energy markets operating in a competitive environment and the delivery of
sufficient, good quality, low cost and environment-friendly energy to consumers and to
ensure the autonomous regulation and supervision of these markets.

The purpose of the publication is to introduce the Turkish energy market briefly and to
highlight some of the key statistical figures relevant for the industry on the occasion
of the ERRA 11th Energy Investment and Regulation Conference organized on October 15-16,
2012 in Izmir, Turkey.


ERRA, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)

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