Implication of Competition Law Enforcement in the Electricity Sector: Comparative Analysis of the UK and the US

Competition policies and laws are being adopted and introduced by countries, especially developing countries, in order to gain investment. This research examines literature on competition in the energy sector with specific focus on electricity. Critical analysis is made of the competition legal regimes as exist in the electricity markets of UK (England and Wales, and Scotland) and US (PJM).

The comparative analysis of the implication of competition on electricity in the US (PJM) and the UK electricity or power markets will rely on indicators for both competition and electricity security.  The indicator for competition will consist of the substantive competition law/legal regime while the indicators for electricity security, will consist of availability (generational capacity), fuel diversity (environmental concerns) and affordability.

Winner #3 of the 2016 ERRA Regulatory Research Award.


Kusi-Appiah, Francisca

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