Benchmark Analysis on Suppliers with Public Service Obligations

Within the framework of the ERRA Customers and Retail Markets Working Group a Benchmark Analysis was prepared on Identifying Different Categories of Suppliers with Public Service Obligations.

The analysis was developed based on the answers received from NRA representatives from 11 ERRA member countries covering both electricity and gas retail markets:

  1. State of Market Liberalization   
  2. Types and Features of Suppliers with Public Service Obligation  
  3. Type of institution in charge for issuing licenses for the Suppliers with Public Service Obligation
  4. Process of designating Public Service Obligation           
  5. Setting retail prices of the Supplier with Public Service Obligations         
  6. Comparing retail prices of the Supplier with Public Service Obligations with market based prices
  7. Circumstances which are activating SoLR functions         


Martinoski, Martin

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