Report on Investment Conditions in European Countries

This document (C15-IRB-28-03) presents CEER report on investment conditions in European countries.
High quality regulation is a fundamental requirement for a sound investment cli-mate, which, in itself, is a pre-requisite for an adequate flow of the new investments needed to develop secure, competitive and sustainable energy infrastructure and markets. Predictable independent regulation also helps to reduce regulatory and legal risks for investors, and hence lowers the cost of capital.
This report provides a general overview of the regulatory regimes, the required efficiency developments and analyses the overall determination of capital costs in EU Member States and Norway. A major focus is placed on the calculation of an adequate rate of return, the determination of the regulatory asset base (RAB) and the depreciation of assets in the different regulatory regimes. Importantly, individual parameters presented in this study have to be interpreted in the context of a whole country-specific regulatory regime.
This report also serve as a background paper to CEER work on incentives.


Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)

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