Research Paper: Overview of the Energy Storage Possibilities to Support the Electrical Power System

Electrical power grids/systems will basically change in the near future (or in some places, this
transformation has already begun): the increasing penetration of renewable energy sources causing
high percentage of intermittent and decentralized generation. This procedure will lead to problems
which are unknown for a conventionally planned and operated grid. Bidirectional power flows,
unbalances, power quality issues and voltage sags (dips) can occur. Energy Storage Systems are able
to play a key role in the solutions.
The scope of this research paper to provide an up-to-date and detailed summarization about:
 the technical background of the different technology possibilities, identify the main
parameters of a storage system (for classification and comparison);
 the electric power grid/system supporting applications;
 regulatory aspects of the deployment.
The information gathered from the accessible literature (listed in the reference with download links)
gave Regulators a chance to understand the main concepts of these solutions and keep the pace with
a rapidly growing part of the energy industry. If Regulators know when and how to utilize these
possibilities correctly (introducing support mechanisms), these problems with the power grid could
be avoided.


Taczi, Istvan

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