Review of national rules for the protection of infrastructure relevant for security of supply

This report draws on information from national reports in 28 Member States and in five selected third countries (Australia, Canada, China, United States and Russia). It also includes information obtained from interviews with foreign investors. Subsection 2.1 focuses on the Member States legal approaches to control foreign investments in electricity and gas infrastructures (e.g. screening mechanisms, ownership restrictions) and includes a description of relevant electricity and gas infrastructures for security of supply in Member States and their related ownership control. Subsection 2.2 focuses on the selected five third countries and identifies differences and/or similar trends in their legal approaches to control foreign investment in electricity and gas infrastructures. Finally, Section 3 sets some potential good practices on investment screening mechanism based on the review of such mechanisms adopted in Member States and five non- EU countries as well as the review of policy and academic writings on this topic.


Milieu Ltd and E&A Law

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