“Smart Planning” – First Practical Results of the Integrated Approach for Grid Development and Strategic Asset Management

The basic idea of an integrated evolutionary approach for grid development and strategic asset management was presented during CIRED 2013. This paper deals with the experience of the implementation phase and with first practical results of this new approach.
The synergetic combination of strategic Asset Management (based on age and conditions) and capacity-based Network Development (expansion planning) leads to an additional level of technical and economical optimization potential. The investment strategy is linked to the main technical drivers: condition and functional demands. The adaption to uncertain future requirements is based on the analysis of a variety of different load and feed-in scenarios. This approach enables the optimization of future grid structures combining (n-1) contingency analysis, asset simulation and a hybrid evolutionary algorithm. Additional benefits could be achieved.


Engels, Christoph; Jendernalik, Lars; Haebler, Jonas von; Spitzer, Heiko

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