Analytical Report on Legislative Framework Obstructing Long-Term Development Planning of District Heating Systems, including Networks, in Ukraine

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The Analytical Report on Legislative Provisions Obstructing Long-term Heat Network Development Planning (the Report) provides analysis and evaluation of the current legal framework in Ukraine as it relates to long-term district heating (DH) development. The objective of the Report is to identify and highlight specific legal obstructions to DH entities engaging in sustainable, long-term infrastructure planning activities.

The Report presents findings of a systematic analysis of the legislative environment applicable, directly or indirectly, to the area of DH systems, including networks, planning. The Report is accompanied by the Catalog of Effective Legislation of Ukraine Related to District Heating (the Catalog), a systematized code with cross references to legal acts, regulations, technical rules, and standards for activities in the DH sector as a whole and heat energy transportation in particular.

The study used comparative legal analysis to identify how the existing laws are impeding a sustainable future for DH systems, including networks, in Ukraine.