Expanding High Voltage Network Capacity Using a Weather Condition Based Indirect Monitoring System

The increasing generation out of decentralized energy resources, which can be observed since several years, will become even faster in Germany due to the „Energiewende“ throughout the next years. First of all the development of wind energy and solar power has to be mentioned. The classic network expansion by means of conventional assets deals with the well-known disadvantages of long-term realization periods and has to be critically scrutinized regarding economic aspects.
Hence this paper describes a weather condition based indirect monitoring system ensuring the efficient and rapid capacity expansion of high-voltage overhead line networks. In general the classic transfer capacity extension of existing high-voltage networks is linked with a number of construction measures on the same level as a complete renewal. The network integration of decentralized energy, especially wind energy, is usually connected with weather conditions that differ from standard (worst-case) conditions. The related higher transfer capacities of existing overhead lines can be used by means of a focused weather condition monitoring system.


Jendernalik, Lars; Van Dyk, Udo; Herz, Oliver; Brochtrop, Martin; Züll, Annika

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