Report: ERRA Member Regulators’ Role & Engagement in National Climate Action Goals


Today ERRA publishes its report on Member Regulators’ Role & Engagement in National Climate Action Goals, which compilation was prompted by both the ongoing United Nations’ COP 26 summit in Glasgow as well as ERRA’s internal 2021/22 workplan.

The document is based on Climate Change/Decarbonization survey results, submitted by 23 ERRA Members.

The report elaborates on the following fundamental focus areas within the topic:

  • regulators’ mandates towards national climate action plans/goals
  • specific regulatory engagements (roles, decisions, achievements, plans) in the area of decarbonization, which translates into an analysis of regulatory involvement in particular actions, technologies and solutions:
    • network planning and development;
    • renewable energy sources;
    • mini-grids/energy communities;
    • demand-side management;
    • digitalization;
    • alternative fuels and energy efficiency.
  • anticipated challenges and/or obstacles hindering decarbonisation,
  • current or future role in carbon pricing schemes

ERRA would like to express its gratitude to all the 23 Members who provided inputs for the survey and to Dr. Péter Kaderják and other contributors to the report.