ERRA Online Tariff Database


About the ERRA Online Tariff Database

The ERRA Tariff Database is an online platform consisting of Electricity and Natural Gas tariff and revenue determinant data. It is an excellent source of information for data on regulated prices and determinants submitted directly by energy regulators for each country, following a consistent calculation methodology that enables comparison between submissions. 

Data on regulated prices is calculated on a quarterly basis and covers the period of 1998-2019 for the following categories:

      • Electricity: Producer, Wholesale, End-user (Residential, Non-residential) Prices, Electricity Consumption;
      • Natural Gas: Wholesale, End-user (Residential, Non-residential) Prices.

Data on revenue determinants is calculated on an annual basis and covers the period of 2015-2019 and is available for the following categories:

      • WACC for Electricity and Gas: disaggregated calculations for the return on debt, gearing ratio, risk-free rate, equity beta, equity risk-premium, corporate tax rate, debt-risk premium, year of WACC determination;
      • Electricity Network Charges: Average Transmission, System and Market Operator Charge, Average Transmission and System Operator Charge, Average Market Operator Charge, Average Distribution System Operator Charge
      • Natural Gas Network Charges: Average Transmission Charge, Average Distribution Use of System Charge
      • Electricity and Gas Efficiency: Average Actual Transmission Losses, Average Allowed Transmission Losses, Average Actual Distribution Losses, Average Allowed Distribution Losses, Efficiency Factor

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Why to Subscribe?

Subscription to the database provides access to:

  • Data on wholesale and retail electricity and gas regulated tariffs and market prices calculated on a quarterly basis and systematically collected over the last two decades;
  • Data on TUOS, SO, MO and DUOS charges calculated on an annual basis and submitted over the past 4 years;
  • Data on revenue determinants (disaggregated WACC data and efficiency factors set on operational expenses) calculated on a consistent methodology and submitted over the past 4 years.


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1-Year Suscription Fee  1300 EUR (+27% VAT¹) 
1-Year  Renewal Fee²  700 EUR (+27% VAT¹)

(1)  VAT is applicable to  Hungarian entities only.
(2) Offer is valid in case within one year from the expiry date of the subscription

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Access to the Database for Registered Users

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