Tariff Database

On-line Electricity & Natural Gas Tariff Data Base from 1998 – until present

  • Official electricity and natural gas data of the ERRA members countries from 1998 until present in US Dollars and in EUR (as of 3-4 Quarters of 2007) updated every six months;
  • Statistical data on 29 countries and 5 country groups (Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS); Central Eastern Europe (CEE), Baltic States (BS), South East Europe (SEE), Other). Electricity price categories include producer, wholesale, end-user (residential, non-residential) prices, electricity consumption;
  • Natural gas price categories are wholesale, end-user (residential, non-residential) prices. Definitions for all price categories are provided.



  • Quarterly electricity prices for residential and non-residential consumers;
  • User friendly format, option to export data into excel sheets for application in power point presentations and energy industry analyses;
  • Producer, wholesale and end-user prices for electricity; wholesale and end-user prices for natural gas;
  • Per capita electricity consumption;
  • Composition of tariffs (wholesale/retail margins, taxes).


  • Free access to ERRA members!
  • 1-year subscription fee for non-ERRA members: EUR 1300 + 27 % VAT
  • 1-Year subscription renewal fee (within one year from the expiry date of the subscription): EUR 500 + 27 % VAT

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