Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS)

Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (AERS)


Sectors Regulated:

Electrictiy, Natural Gas, Oil and Derivatives, Transport
  • Terazije 5 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • + 381 11 635 0130

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2006
  • Established in 2005


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • The Energy Law (OJ RS No. 145/14, 95/18 and 40/2021) – link (in Serbian) The Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (OJ RS No. 40/2021) – link The Law on Energy Efficiency and Rational Use of Energy (OJ RS No 40/2021) – link
  • Responsibilities
  • Main groups of tasks include: – Rule setting (e.g. adopting/ approving: pricing methodologies, network codes, market rules, rules on capacity allocation on electricity interconnectors, rules on electricity and natural gas quality regulation and rules on supplier switching), – Empowerment (e.g. licensing, TSO certification, deciding on TPA exemptions, approving TYNDP and setting/ approving regulated prices), – Market monitoring (e.g. market surveillance, monitoring network operators and monitoring market integrity and transparency) and – Enforcement (e.g. dispute settlement, issuing binding decisions, imposing measures and initiating court proceedings).
  • Authorities
  • Independence: AERS is an independent regulatory body with organizational, functional and financial autonomy.
  • Supervised by: Accountable to the National Assembly (Parliament).
  • Reports to the National Assembly (Parliament).
  • Appeal process: The Ministry of Mining and Energy (regarding licenses) and the Administrative Court (decisions resolving disputes / connection to and use of network).

Organisational Structure

  • Organigram
  • Organigram: AERS Serbia (2022)
  • Internal Structure
  • The Agency is managed by the Agency Council whose members are elected by the National Assembly, based on public competition, among prominent experts in the energy sector. The Agency Council consists of the president and four members with term of office of five to seven years. The term of office of the Council President is seven years, for two Agency Council Members the term of office is six years and for other two five years. Bearing in mind the tasks within the competence of the Agency and the status of Serbian energy sector reforms, the Agency is organized into four sectors: – Energy and Technical Department – Economics and Finance Department – Legal Department – Organizational and General Affairs Department The required degree of cross-sectoral coordination in executing complex cross-functional tasks is achieved within horizontal teams including experts from different sectors.
  • Working Employees
  • • Decision-Making Level: 5 (Council President and 4 Council Members)
  • • Total Number of Employees: 48 full-time employees
  • Budget
  • Funds for AERS operation are provided from revenues obtained from license fees and network use- of- system charges.