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National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE)

  • A. Pușkin Street 52/A
    MD-2005 Chisinau, Moldova
  •  +373 22 541 384, 852 901, 85 29 55  

Sectors Regulated:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • District Heating
  • Water
  • Oil and Liquid Fuel
  • Wastewater

ERRA Membership

  • Joined ERRA in 2000 (Founding Member)


  • Established in 1997


  • Legal basis
  • Energy Law No. 1525-XIII of 19.02.1998,
  • Electricity Law No. 124-XVIII of 23.12.2009,
  • Natural Gas Law No. 123-XVIII of 23.12.2009;
  • Law on Oil Products Market, No. 461-XV of  30.07.2001;
  • Law on Regulating Entrepreneurial Activity Through Licensing No. 451 of 30.07.2001;
  • Renewable Energy Law, No 160 -XVI of 12.07.2007;
  • Law on Public Service of Water supply and Sewerage, No. 303 of 13.12.2013;
  • Law on Heat and Promotion of Cogeneration No. 92 of 29.05.2014.
  • Responsibilities
  • promote, monitor and ensure transparency and loyal competition on the electricity, district heating, natural gas and petroleum market, and public service of water supply and sewerage;
  • issue licenses on the electricity, district heating, public service of water supply and sewerage, natural gas and petroleum markets, in accordance with procedures and requirements set by the law; modify, temporary suspend, or withdraw issued licenses;
  • monitor and exercise control over observance by license holders of established conditions for carrying out licensed activities, including those regarding final customers rights and quality of services;
  • monitor the electricity, natural gas and petroleum markets, as well, public service of water supply and sewerage and district heating service and supervise the way licensees fulfill their obligations, including those established for transmission network operators and for distribution networks operators;
  • establish the economical and technical information related to functioning of electricity and natural gas system, which shall be made public by licensees, observing confidentiality thereof;
  • establish requirements concerning accounting reports, requirements for re-evaluation of fixed assets for tariffs purposes, as well as information reporting system, on the basis of which licensees shall submit reports to Agency;
  • monitor import of electricity and natural gas, in terms of physical flows and establish conditions for export when necessary to ensure security of supply;
  • develop and approve electricity and natural gas market rules, as well establish in regulations compulsory conditions for electricity and natural gas market participants regarding generation, transmission, distribution, supply and metering;
  • develop and approve methodologies for calculation, approval and application of: regulated tariffs for electricity and heat generated by CHP plants, for electricity generated by power plants from renewable energy sources, for services of transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas; tariff for electricity and natural gas supply at regulated tariffs; tariffs for natural gas storage; tariffs for centralized heating;
  • other specific responsibilities are established in the laws listed below.
  • Authorities
  • Decision-making independence


    Supervision over compliance to regulation requirements

    Appealing procedure regarding judicial bodies resolutions

Organisational Structure

  • Internal Structure
  • Administration Council
  • Regulations Department
  • Investments and Quality Department
  • Legal and Licensing Department
  • Tariffs and Economic analysis Department
  • Monitoring and Control of licensed activities Department
  • Administrative Division
  • Working Employees
  • 5 members of the Administration Council – one General Director and four Directors, appointed by Parliament for 6-year terms.
  • Number of Staff: 59
  • Budget
  • Financed from regulatory fees

Population: 3 510 485 (2016 est.)

GDP / Capita: $ 5 000 (2015 est.)

Territory: 33 851 km2 (140. in World rank)

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