Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)

Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Natural Gas, District Heating
  • 3 Constantin Nacu Street, 020995 Bucharest 2, Romania
  •  +40 21 327 8174, +41 21 327 8100

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2000 (Founding Member)
  • Established in 1999


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • Electricity and Gas Law no. 123/2012, with subsequent amendments and modifications. Law no. 160/2012 for approval of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 33/2007 regarding organization and functioning of ANRE.
  • Responsibilities
  • The ANRE regulates electricity, heat (only the heat produced in cogeneration) and natural gas sectors. Responsibilities include licensing, issuing technical and commercial regulations including regulation of access to the transmission and distribution networks, tariff setting, energy efficiency and protection of consumer and investor interests.
  • Authorities
  • Independence: ANRE is an autonomous administrative authority.
  • Supervised by: under Parliamentary control.
  • Reports to the Parliament.
  • Appeal process: Orders and decisions issued by the ANRE’s president could be appealed in the Administrative Litigation Division with the Bucharest Court of Appeal within 30 days following publication in Romania’s Official Gazette, part I, respectively from the date of notification of the parties involved.

Organisational Structure

  • Organigram
  • Organigram: ANRE Romania (2022)
  • Internal Structure
  • ANRE is managed by a President and two Vice-Presidents. A Regulatory Committee is established to approve the regulations in the electricity, cogeneration and natural gas sectors and is made up of 7 members including the President and the two Vice-Presidents. The members of the Regulatory Committee are appointed and revoked by the Parliament in a joint sitting of both Houses. The members of the Regulatory Committee are appointed for a period of 5 years. One Vice-President and two ordinary members will serve a term of two and a half years. The mandate of the Regulatory Committee’s members can be renewed only once.
  • Working Employees
  • • Decision-Making Level: 7
  • • Total Number of Employees: 300
  • Budget
  • ANRE is financed through its own funds which are obtained from fees charged for licensing, permits and certifications, from annual contributions paid by the regulated undertakings in the electricity, heat and natural gas sectors as well as from funds provided by international organisations.