Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR)

Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Water, Wastewater, Natural Gas Network
  • Ominvest Business Center, 1st floor, Madinat Al Erfan
    Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
  • +968 2 460 9700

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2015 (became Full Member in 2016)
  • Established in 2005


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • The Law for the Regulation and Privatisation of the Electricity and Related Water sector (”’the Sector Law”) promulgated by Royal Decree 78/2004 on 1 August 2004.
  • Responsibilities
  • The Sector Law provides the Authority with the powers required to perform its functions, including:
    – The power to grant, amend and revoke licences and exemptions and set the terms and conditions on which they are issued.
    – Enforcement and investigative powers in relation to compliance with the Sector Law, Licences and License Exemptions.
    – Powers to issue regulations and decisions authorised by the Sector Law.

    The Authority has a number of general and specific duties, largely reflecting key Government objectives for the electricity and related water sector in Oman. The Authority’s duties are set out in Article (22) of the Sector Law and include:
    – A duty to secure the provision of electricity and related water services in Oman.
    – A duty to promote competition in the electricity and related water sector.
    – A duty to secure the safe, effective and economic operation of the electricity and related water sector in the public interest.
    – A duty to protect the interests of customers, in particular those with limited income, the elderly and sick, and a duty to prepare criteria relating to the welfare of customers and to act in accordance with such criteria.
    – A duty to secure compliance with Government policy relating to the protection of the environment, Omanisation and Omani Content.
    – A duty to ensure the financial and technical capabilities of licensees and to ensure companies operating efficiently can finance their activities.
    – A duty to secure the conduct of fair and transparent competitions for new capacity and output by the Oman Power and Water Procurement Company SAOC.
    – A duty to facilitate the privatisation of the electricity and related water sector in Oman and a duty to review on an annual basis the scope for further liberalisation of the electricity and related water sector.
    – A duty to prepare and maintain a Public Register of all matters relating to licenses and exemptions.

    The Authority is also subject to the following governance duties:
    – A duty not to discriminate against or unduly prefer any Person.
    – A duty to act consistently treating like cases alike and, in particular, to ensure, so far as it considers appropriate, that all licences and exemptions for the same Regulated Activities are granted in substantially the same form.
    – A duty to minimise, insofar as it is able to do so, the regulatory burden on licence holders and exemption holders.
    – A duty to give written reasons for its decisions.

    Article (25) of the Sector Law sets out the principal functions of the Authority which include:
    – Implementing the general policy of the State in relation to the electricity and related water sector in Oman, including obligations arising from international agreements (provided such obligations are not in conflict with the Sector Law).
    – The issue, modification (where appropriate) and revocation of licences and licence exemptions.
    – The Authority monitors the implementation of the terms and rules of licences and licence exemptions.
    – The Authority examines complaints submitted to customers and licence holders, enforces statutory duties and licence conditions and has powers to order compliance and to levy fines.
    – Setting out standard technical criteria to be complied with in relation to connection and use of system standards and the maintenance and development of licencees’ systems.
    – Settlement of certain industry disputes between licence or exemption holders, customers or other persons.
    – Co-ordination between relevant ministries and government units in all that is required for the development of the electricity and related water sector.
  • Authorities
  • Independence: Complete administrative and financial autonomy. By Law no member of the government can hold position in the Authority. Complete separation from state treasury.
  • Reports to the Council of Ministers.
  • Appeal process: All decision subject to appeal before the Preliminary Commercial Court.

Organisational Structure

  • Internal Structure
  • The Government has determined that, pursuant to Article (40) of the sector law, the Authority shall have 5 Members. Accordingly, the Council of Ministers approved on the 01 May 2014 the appointment of the 5 members of the Authority included the Executive Director of the Authority. Members are collectively responsible for managing the Authority’s affairs and for ensuring that the Authority fulfils all of its statutory obligations.
    The Authority has 4 principal sections: The Customer Affairs, The Economics and Financial Affairs, The Technical Directorate, The Licensing and Legal Affairs.
  • Working Employees
  • • Decision-Making Level: 5
  • • Total Number of Employees: 45
  • Budget
  • The Authority recovers all of its costs through licence fees and apportions costs to each regulated activity on the basis of the time it expects to spend regulating each regulated activity.