Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)

Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Natural Gas

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2020
  • Established in 2000


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • Administrative independent authority. The relevant law concerning CRE is the Energy Code (Code de l’énergie).
  • Responsibilities
  • – Guarantee the independence of network operators. – Establish harmonised rules for the operation of networks and markets so that energy flows freely between the countries of the European Union Member States. – Ensure competition between energy suppliers for the benefit of consumers. – Ensure that consumers get the best service and pay the right price.
  • Authorities
  • Independence: Administrative independent authority.
  • Reports to: Financially reports to the Court of Accounts.
  • Appeal process: State Council.

Organisational Structure

  • Organigram
  • Organigram: CRE France (2021)
  • Internal Structure
  • 2 independent bodies: 1. The College. Five members, with a gender balance of no more than one, appointed for their legal, economic and technical qualifications, define the main guidelines and adopt decisions and opinions, drawing on the expertise of the directorates, which are under the authority of the President and the Director General. 2. The CoRDiS. The Dispute Settlement and Sanctions Committee is made up of four full members and four alternate members, with as many State Councillors as members of the Court of Cassation. They are responsible for settling disputes concerning access to and use of the public electricity and gas networks between operators and users, and for sanctioning breaches of the Energy Code.
  • Working Employees
  • • Decision-Making Level: see above.
  • • Total Number of Employees: 156
  • Budget
  • The sums necessary for the operation of CRE are proposed by the Commission to the Minister of Finance to be included in the Finance Law. The appropriations allocated are entered in the general government budget. CRE is subject to audit by the Court of Auditors