Tariff (Price) Council (TC)

Tariff (Price) Council (TC)


Sectors Regulated:

Electricity, Natural Gas, District Heating, Oil and Liquid Fuel, Water, Wastewater, Telecommunication, Post, Transport
  • Haydar Aliyev Avenue 155
    1029 Baku, Azerbaijan
  •  +994 12 310 2800
  •  office-at-economy.gov.az
  •  www.tariff.gov.az

Regulatory Authority General Information

  • Joined ERRA in 2007
  • Established in 2005


  • Legal basis/ mandate
  • – Statute of the Tariff (Price) Council of Azerbaijan Republic Approved by Decree of the President of AR on 26 December, 2005, No. 341);
    – Rules for ensuring control over design and application of prices (tariffs) regulated by the state. (Approved by Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of 30 December 2005, No. 247);
    – List of goods (works, services), prices on which are regulated by the state (Approved by Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on 28 September 2005, No. 178).
  • Responsibilities
  • – To ensure implementation of regulation of prices of commodities (works, services) related to the commodities (works, services) that are classified as those that are regulated by the state, and in accordance with normative and legal acts of the current legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic;
    – Adoption of relevant documents on price regulation (choosing the method of regulation, reviewing proposals, preparation, adoption, application, changing drafts, etc.);
    Making proposals on strengthening of the state control over pricing (tariff setting) and application of prices (tariffs), and also on improving the legislation and legal framework for state regulation of prices;
    – Preparation of proposals on benefits for investors, certain groups of consumers, enterprises and organizations, including those related to setting norms and limits;
    – To represent the Azerbaijan Republic at international and regional organizations, at scientific and practical conferences and workshops on issues related to price regulation.
  • Authorities
  • Independence: An independent collegial executive government body.
  • Reports to the President of Azerbaijan Republic.
  • Appeal process: Courts of Azerbaijan Republic.

Organisational Structure

  • Internal Structure
  • Chairman and 12 members (deputy Ministers and vice-heads of departments) of the Council are approved by the Decree of the President of the AR.
  • Working Employees
  • • Decision-Making Level: 13.
  • • Total Number of Employees: 33.
  • Budget
  • Funded from the state budget.

Annual Report

Information will be available at a later stage.