NG COM issues its first publication – natural gas report on the status quo


ERRA publishes its first natural gas report prepared by the Natural Gas Markets and Economic Regulation Committee (NG COM). The report titled: “2020 NG COM introductory survey results – A status quo Report” comprises detailed information regarding ERRA gas markets, their level of liberalization as well as regulatory regime characteristics.


The document can be accessed below:  



The main contents of the report are divided between three major categories:

1. Demand and supply characteristics

Insights on:

    • yearly natural gas consumption and its breakdown for sectors,
    • ratio of domestic production compared to total consumption,
    • import possibilities,
    • entry points and storage facilities.


2. Unbundling and market structure information

Insights on:

    • level of unbundling between: the transmission network and trading segments, distribution network company(s) and the retailer(s), storage and the trading segments;
    • number of DSOs in the market,
    • number of active suppliers at retail level.


3. Price regulation regimes in place

Insights on:

    • share of the retail market under end user price regulation,
    • transmission and distribution tariff setting,
    • wholesale price formation,
    • balancing,
    • storage.


This natural gas report is based on input received from 21 member organizations.


ERRA would like to deeply thank Mr. Mehmet Kürkcü, EMRA, Turkey – NG COM Chair and Mr. Viesturs Kadikis, PUC, Latvia  – Committee Vice-Chair, who completed the natural gas markets’ report.


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Status quo Report of the ERRA Natural Gas Committee