Course outline

The ERRA Online Training on the Basics of Energy Trading is designed for energy regulators and other industry professionals wishing to understand how energy trading is done from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The participants will receive a comprehensive package on both energy portfolio management as well as market surveillance together with useful trading simulations. The complexities of energy trading will be explained step-by-step by skilled instructors in live presentations, additional tutoring and with various extra materials.


What is the scope of training?

The Basics of Energy Trading course will explore the fundamentals of all relevant areas from the trader’s perspective:

  • Energy markets’ liberalization
  • Organization of trading activities with elements of market surveillance
  • Risks and volatility
  • Trading process
  • Types of markets and products
  • Trading platforms
  • Accounting logic and principles
  • Screen trading simulations

The course will additionally present to the participants a list of additional recommended literature as well as a glossary of terms used during the sessions.


Course completion

In order to complete the course the participants will be asked to prepare 2 weekly assignments – filling in the multiple-choice quiz, and the Excel exercise – as well as to attend the final test.

Course Programme

The below schedule is outlined in CEST and CET time zones:

October 21 & WEEK 1 - CEST (GMT +2)
WEEK 2 & WEEK 3 - CET (GMT +1)

Convert to your time zone here.

WEEK 0 - Orientation
October 21
  • 9.30 a.m. - System Checking, Platform Opening for Test
  • 10.00 - Opening Remarks, Introduction to the Energy Trading training, Deliverables, Deadlines
  • 10.30 - Introduction of Training Participants & Group Photo
start: October 25, 9.00 a.m.
start: November 2, 9.00 a.m.
start: November 9, 9.00 a.m.

Introduction to Power Markets
and Trading:

Trading and Energy Portfolio
Management & Evaluation:

Screen trading
and simulation:

  • Evolution of Power Markets
    – Key stakeholders
  • Types of markets to trade at
    (OTC, Exchanges etc.)
  • Balancing mechanisms
  • Types of products
  • Settlement and Clearing
  • Basics of Trading and trading roles
  • Forecasting - modelling
  • Energy Portfolio Evaluation, positions, P&L calculation, estimations, collaterals, risk
  • Decision Making
  • MTX Screens
  • Energy Portfolio demo
  • Introduction to the game
  • Delivery of portfolios
  • Simulation

For detailed course agenda please contact the ERRA Secretariat

Course Faculty Team

Basics of Energy Trading will be explained by the following roster of experts:

Energy Trading Portfolio Management

Instructors' short biographies are available here.


Tuition Fees:

  • ERRA Members: 500 EUR
  • Non-ERRA Members: 750 EUR


The proposed average weekly engagement is 10-12 hours

Instructor-led real-time recorded presentations Online Tutoring Weekly Assignments
(Multiple-choice quiz,
Excel exercise)

Final Test

The energy trading training is based on a self-paced collaborative e-learning platform that features a combination of real-time interactive presentations by the instructors, online tutoring at pre-announced times, reading material related to the course modules and weekly assignments on e.g. Energy Portfolio Management.

The course will run for 3 weeks with the following weekly sequence:

2 days a week:
Real-time presentations on the presented materials. Presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions. Presentations will be recorded and made available to those who could not join the real-time presentations. Distribution of weekly assignments.

1 day a week:
Online tutoring for volunteers.

1-2 days a week:  
Self-paced work and/or submission of assignments.


5 CER credits will be awarded to those participants who have submitted both weekly assignments and have successfully passed the final test of the energy trading training. For more information, see the ERRA Certified Energy Regulator Programme website.

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