Course Outline

The ERRA Online Training “Electricity Tariff Setting: A Practical Guide” is an opportunity for regulators and utility professionals to obtain a detailed insight into the allowed revenue calculation and electricity tariff-setting process. The course will be broken down in a step-by-step fashion in a 4-week interactive online training, to ensure trainees obtain a sound understanding of the fundamental objectives of price regulation and the techniques regulators employ to achieve them. Theoretical discussions and international examples of application will be complemented by practical excel exercises. We continue our partnership with seasoned experts from DNV.

As a result of your participation you will be able to:

  • Calculate utility revenue requirement through the building-block approach and obtain an enhanced undersanding of the underlying cost drivers, the impact of capital expenditure, WACC and efficiency factors;
  • Understand tariff structure design principles and be able to convert revenues into regulated end-user tariffs and network charges;
  • Enhance modelling skills as the emphasis of the course will be on modelling exercises which will be tutored and reviewed by the course instructors.

Course Programme

Live Sessions are starting at 09:00 CEST (GMT+2, Budapest) | Convert to your time zone.


September 20 - 26
Sept 27 - Oct 3
October 4 - 10
October 11 - 15
  • Economics of Price Regulation
  • Wholesale Electricity Markets and RES Support Schemes
+ International examples of tariff setting:
  • Building up the Allowed Revenues
  • Integration of Capital Expenditures in the Regulatory Asset Base (RAB)
  • Multi-Year Tariff Framework and Incentive-based Regulation: Cases of Nigeria and the Philippines
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Efficiency Analysis in Allowed Revenue Determination
  • Regulation and Tariff Setting in Practice: The Case of Austrian Network Operators
  • From Revenues to Tariffs: End-User Tariff Structures and Design
  • Setting Revenue Requirement for Regulated Utilities: Practices in Distribution Tariffs in Turkey

For detailed course agenda please contact the ERRA Secretariat


Couse Facultry Team of the ERRA Online Training: Electricity Tariff Setting

Student Testimonials

  • I encourage any person involved in the energy sector to take this course as it packages you with the necessary knowledge and enriches you with clear direction on setting up tariffs. Participant from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • The journey of learning, collaborating and understanding tariffs was exciting! I hope to take full advantage of the course. Participant from the Bhutan Electricity Authority

Review of the Electricity Tariff Training 2020 found the course useful in solving tariff-related problems that emerge during their work.


Proposed weekly engagement: 8-10 hours

Instructor-led real-time recorded presentations Online Tutoring Weekly Assignments Final Test

The training is based on a self-paced collaborative e-learning platform that features a combination of real-time interactive presentations by the instructors, Excel modeling exercises, online tutoring at pre-announced times, reading material related to the course modules and weekly exercises coupled with homework assignments.

Live Sessions are starting at 09:00 CEST (GMT+2, Budapest time). | Convert to your time zone.

The course will run for 4 weeks with the following weekly sequence:

Real-time presentations on the presented materials. Presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions. Presentations will be recorded and made available to those who could not join the real-time presentations.

Real-time presentations on the presented materials. Presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions. Presentations will be recorded and made available to those who could not join the real-time presentations. Distribution of weekly assignments.

Self-paced work.

Online tutoring for the duration of approx. 2 hours with the Course Instructors of the week.

Submission of the weekly assignment.

The course will conclude with a final multiple choice test at the end of Week 4 (on Friday, October 15).

Credits awarded upon successful completion of this Online Training Course is 10 credits. Read more about the ERRA Certified Energy Regulator Programme.

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