DeLiso, Mike

Branch Chief, Office of Enforcement, Division of Analytics and Surveillance
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
United States of America

Mike DeLiso has been the Natural Gas Market Surveillance Branch Chief in the Office of Enforcement, Division of Analytics and Surveillance at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission since 2019. In that role, he leads FERC's market surveillance program for physical natural gas markets and related financial products. Gas Surveillance builds analytical tools to detect anomalous activity, identifies potential subjects of nonpublic investigations that are conducted in conjunction with the Division of Investigations, and conducts forensic analysis of complex market data to assess whether manipulation or other improper conduct occurred. Prior to becoming Branch Chief, Mike served in the branch as an analyst for five years. Before joining FERC, Mike served four years at the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as a software developer for the Occupational Employment Statistics program. Mike received an M.S.E. in Systems Engineering and a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.