Mourtzikou, Angeliki

Director, Wholesale Markets and Interconnections
Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)

Mrs. Angeliki Mourtzikou has been working on energy related issues, first in the private sector (consulting) and then in the public sector in Greece and abroad for over 25 years. She has in-depth experience in natural gas and electricity wholesale market design issues, natural gas transmission and distribution regulation, tariff setting, RES management and support schemes, and energy project funding. Her experience spans several countries across Europe, Asia and North America collaborating with Regulatory Authorities, Ministries, EU Agencies, NARUC, the World Bank, OECD, private institutions, and energy integrated service companies.

Mrs. Mourtzikou joined the Regulatory Authority for Energy in Greece in June 2008 and since 2013 has held various management positions in the organization. Following the reorganization of RAE in 2017, she has been appointed as the Director in Wholesale Markets and Interconnections Division with core responsibilities in the application of the EU electricity and gas target models in the wholesale electricity and natural gas markets in Greece. She led the collective effort that successfully resulted to the coupling of the electricity wholesale market in Greece with the rest of the EU Member States in 2020 and 2021, both on the day-ahead and intra-day level, as well as the launch of a gas trading platform in Greece.

Before that and for a five-year period Angeliki held the position of the Head of the Oil and Gas Department, with core responsibilities in the areas of gas market design and regulation of access to gas infrastructures, including major pipelines such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline and the Interconnector Greece Bulgaria and the new LNG terminals planned in Greece. She is also a member of ACER’s and CEER’s Gas and Electricity Working Groups. 

While working in RAE she has also actively participated in EU Twinning Projects for the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) in Ukraine, and USAID funded NARUC projects/initiatives, for the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) in Georgia and for the NRAs in SEE, in the framework of SEE-Market Coupling Initiative (in partnership with RAE). She has also worked as an expert to conduct seminars on both regulatory and technical issues pertaining to the energy sector and has served as an expert to the European Commission Agency of INEA for the selection of energy infrastructure projects to be funded by CEF. 

Angeliki holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a Master of Arts in Science, Technology and Public Policy from the George Washington University, in Washington D.C.