ERRA Regulatory Research Award


Background & Award Objectives

Energy regulation in the ERRA countries has evolved over the last 10-15 years based on the experience of its members and international commitments and practices. The evolution of regulation toward market-based electricity and gas systems in particular has resulted in certain trends and issues. Most regulators now deal with such issues as introduction of competition; the need for expanded investment; affordability and citizen participation; regulatory governance and the political-regulatory relationship as well as other issues.

The ERRA Regulatory Research Award was established in 2014 to encourage, reward and expand energy regulatory research and analysis and contribute to improve regulatory practices among ERRA energy regulators.


ERRA Award 2017 – Submission is open!

Proposed Research Fields

  • electricity system regulation
  • gas system regulation
  • district heating regulation
  • water supply utility regulation
  • regulatory governance

Proposed Topics

To analyse, research, prepare and/or propose regulatory basic concepts, methodologies, approaches and tools related to the following preferred issues:

  • Regulation and investment: generation (new and rehabilitation), transmission and distribution systems
  • Market development, regional integration and monitoring
  • Price regulation approaches and affordability aspects
  • Governance, management and operation of regulatory authorities
  • Customer empowerment and demand side involvement in system regulation
  • Energy policy and regulation: the relationship between government policy and regulators’ implementation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Role of regulators in climate change measures including carbon pricing
  • Regulatory methods supporting new innovative technologies and smart operation

Include critical analysis of the past regulatory experience with lessons learned and/or proposed new regulatory approach based on past experience if applicable.

The Candidate(s) shall prepare a Paper for submission through the ERRA Award submission process.


The Award will be accompanied by monetary compensation in the total maximum gross value of EUR 1,500 to Paper #1, EUR 1,000 to Paper #2 and EUR 500 to Paper #3 (the taxation is the responsibility of the Winner(s)). The Advisory Committee of the ERRA Regulatory Research Award (RAAC) has the power to propose a shared Award among the participants or may decide not to announce Winner(s). The Winner(s) will be announced during the ERRA Investment and Regulation Conference. The Winner(s) is (are) expected to attend the Award Giving Ceremony organised during the ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference. ERRA provides full pass for the 2-day Conference to Winner(s) of Paper #1. The Winner(s) should be available for a short introduction of the Paper in an online format (technical assistance will be provided by ERRA).

Time-line of the Award Winning Process

The planned time-line of the Award winning process in 2017:

  • May 31, 2017: deadline for the submission of the Papers;
  • Latest until August 31, 2017: evaluation of Papers and selection of Award winner(s);
  • Latest until September 30, 2017: publishing the results and Award giving.


For more information on the Requirements for the Content and Format, the Submission Process and the Evaluation Criteria please refer to the Call for Paper.


ERRA Award 2016 – Winner Papers

Award Winner Paper #1:

Award Winner Paper #2:

Award Winner Paper #3:

Highly Acknowledged Paper:


ERRA Award 2015 – Winner Paper


Other Acknowledged Submitted Papers:


ERRA Award 2014 – Winner Paper

Mariusz Swora’s speech on the occasion of the Award Ceremony 2014

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