Video Presentations

Access to Gas Infrastructures: Russian Regulatory Approach (2016) (available for ERRA Members only, please log in)
by Anatoly GOLOMOLZIN – Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), Russian Federation

Benchmarking of Electricity Distribution Companies (2012)
by Nebojsa DESPOTOVIC – Energy Agency, Rebublic of Serbia

Distributed Generation Technology (2016)
by Luis MUNUERA – International Energy Agency (IEA)

The Economics and Financing of Distributed Generation Investment (2016)
by Arnaud HENIN – Gommyr Power Networks Ltd

Electricity Service Quality Regulation (2012)
by Gábor SZÖRÉNYI – Director, Hungarian Energy Office and Chairman, ERRA

General Introduction of the EU Energy Market (2012)
by Jacques DE JONG – Fellow at the Clingendale Institute, the Netherlands

Impediments of Building Competitive National/ Regional Energy Markets (2013)
by Gábor SZÖRÉNYI – General Secretary, ERRA

Implication of Competition Law Enforcement in the Electricity Sector: Comparative Analysis of the UK and the US (2016)
by Francisca KUSI-APPIAH – University of Dundee, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, UK

Market Coupling: A Case Study on CZ-SK-HU Market Coupling Project (2013)
by Martin SIK – Energy Regulatory Office, the Czech Republic

Market Power in Electricity Generation and Transmission (2015)
by Diana KORSAKAITE – former Chair of the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices, Lithuania

Potential Regulatory Activities Supporting Climate Change Measures (2013)
by Péter KADERJÁK – Director of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research (REKK), Hungary

Potential Regulatory Incentives for DSOs Simplifying the Connection Process for Distributed Generators to the DSO’s Network (2013)
by Zoltán LONTAY – Energy Engineer, Hungary

Potential Regulatory Incentives Supporting Network Development (2013)
by Tore LANGSET – Head of the Economic Regulation Section of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway

Proposed Administrative Procedures for Regulation for ERERA (2016)
by William H. SMITH, Jr. – Consultant

Regional Electricity Market Building – Integration of Electricity Markets (2013)
by Anders Plejdrup HOUMØLLER – CEO of Houmoller Consulting ApS, Denmark

Regulatory Approaches to Reliable Electricity Grids in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2016)
by Shareef ALBARRAK – Electricity and Co-generation Regulatory Authority of Saudi Arabia

Regulatory Asset Base for Tariff Setting (2012)
by Vidmantas JANKAUSKAS – former Chairman of the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy, Lithuania

Regulatory Guide for Affordable Utility Service (2016)
by Kenneth COSTELLO – National Regulatory Research Institute, USA

Restructuring of the Gas Market in Russia (2016) (available for ERRA Members only, please log in)
by Anatoly GOLOMOLZIN – Deputy Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), Russian Federation

Theory and Principles of Regulation (2015)
by Péter KADERJÁK – Director of the Research Centre for Regional Energy Policy (REKK), Hungary


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