Kllokoqi, Arben

Electricity Expert
Energy Community Secretariat

Arben Kllokoqi works as Electricity Expert for the Energy Community Secretariat, supporting electricity market reforms in the Contracting Parties as well as implementation of REMIT, market coupling and cross-border balancing. It is actively involved on solution for Implementing CACM, FCA and Clean Energy Package in the Energy Community. Arben Kllokoqi is closely involved in the work of Energy Community Regulatory Board related to electricity market and REMIT. He has more than 15 years of experience in the energy industry. Previously worked with the Regulator on Market Monitoring and TSO in Kosovo in defining and implementing market mechanisms and access to the grid, before joining a London based trading firm, EDF Trading, where he worked as Regulatory Advisor covering regulatory affairs across European markets. During his time at EDF Trading he was involved in a wide range of commercial, regulatory and compliance activities, including direct involvement through EFET in different stakeholder groups and committees, in particular those related to market network codes and related framework. REMIT and impact of Financial Regulation on commodity trading is also an area of his expertise.