Benchmarking energy regulators: Applying the NERSA Benchmarking Better Regulation Framework

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) is responsible for
regulating electricity, petroleum pipelines and piped gas. South Africa has been
through a process of energy market reform over the last decade, part of which
included the establishment of NERSA in 2005. NERSA is therefore a young
organisation overseeing an energy sector facing significant challenges.
In 2008, NERSA engaged the Allen Consulting Group (ACG) and Development
Network Africa (DNA) to develop a framework that could be used to improve its
regulatory processes and performance.
One aspect of this work was to review energy regulatory practices internationally
and develop a basis for benchmarking NERSA’s performance against international
good practice. The Allen Consulting Group and DNA consulted with energy
regulators from twelve jurisdictions. This research provided NERSA with a deeper
understanding of other energy regulators’ approaches to performance measurement.
It also provided some insights into how NERSA compares against a suite of
performance indicators. Given the relevance of this research to, and in appreciation
of, those regulators that participated in the study, NERSA has made available some
excerpts of the study through this report.


Allen Consulting Group, Development Network Africa

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