Position Paper: System Effects of Intermittent Renewable Generators (Wind, Solar) – Balancing

The high penetration of intermittent renewable generators (wind, solar) could cause system
regulation (flexibility) problems and system adequacy (capacity balance) problems. Some renewable
generators are connected to the DSO, some others to the TSO system. Some are creating their own
balance circle, some of them belong to other circles and there are practices, when the TSO is
responsible for balancing these intermittent renewable generators. Some countries already
introduced more market price based renewable support schemes (market premium, "floating
premium system") and obliged the renewable generators for self-balancing (or balancing payment).
The regulators, who are involved in the preparation of adequate renewable support -schemes should
be familiar with the international tendencies and possibilities. The new EU rules (requirements) on
more flexible and market based support schemes and other practices (e.g. NARUC) should be


Taczi, Istvan

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