Renewable Support Schemes for Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources. Review of the ERRA Member Countries and 2 Country Case Studies: Czech Republic and Sweden

The present ERRA issue paper has multiple objectives:
- It gives an overview of the recent ‘hot issues’ in the EU and in the ERRA countries concerning
renewable electricity (RES-E) regulation.
- Based on the quantitative analysis of the in-depth questionnaires of the ERRA countries it
highlights the most relevant issues for regulators regarding RES-E promotion and tries to
determine those regulatory factors that has detectable impact on RES-E deployment.
- It creates a common database on the RES-E regulation of ERRA countries.
- Provides two detailed country case studies - one employing green certificate system, the
other feed-in tariffs (FIT) – to identify critical regulatory issues.



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