Working Group Leaders

Mr. Margus Kasepalu

Working Group Chair

Head of Department of Energy and Infrastructure
Estonian Competition Authority

Mr. Viktor Szilágy

Working Group Vice-Chair

International Expert for Energy
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority

Recent Publications


Benchmarking Report

New Phenomena in the Energy Markets: Prosumers, Energy Communities, Peer-to-Peer Trading and Sharing



Mitigating Impacts of Pandemic and High Energy Prices (2019 – 2022 Q1)

Customer Protection Working Group

Benchmarking Analysis

Available Price Comparison Tools (PCTs) among ERRA Members

Customer Protection Working Group


Status Quo Report

Scope of Work

  1. Commercial quality: Standards and measuring tools; call center experience; digital customer platforms and applications. This scope item will focus on how the utility service is brought to the end user, what are the national and international standards and benchmarks on service quality, what are the innovations used for digital customer experience and how can this experience be improved.
  2. Smart meter impact on consumers. This item aims at investigating how smart metering impacts the end users, what is the relation between technology deployment and their consumption patterns and what customer service issues arise from the usage of this technology.
  3. Complaint handling: Standards and approaches. The WG will analyze how complaint handling is managed in various ERRA Member Organizations, what are the other international benchmarks regarding this issue and will put focus on best-practice sharing.
  4. Protection of small and vulnerable consumers. The WG will analyze what are the measures taken to protect small and vulnerable consumers, what are non-price mechanisms undertaken in this regard and what international best practice examples can be referred to concerning this issue.
  5. The role of regulator on price comparison tools and dynamic bill. This item puts emphasis on the methodologies used for price and trend analysis by regulators in order for customers to gain a better understating of the market dynamics – again the aim will be to compare approaches and share best practices. The WG will analyze advantages and setbacks of current price comparison tools as well as measures that can be undertaken to improve the comparability of the provided offers.