Member Profile

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA)

Sectors Regulated:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • LPG
  • Oil and Liquid Fuel - Downstream Market

ERRA Membership

  • Joined ERRA in 2002 


  • Established in 2001


  • Legal basis
  • Law Regarding Organization & Duties of EMRA No. 4628;
    Electricity Market Law No. 6446;
    Natural Gas Market Law No. 4646;
    Petroleum Market Law No. 5015;
    Liquefied Petroleum Gases Market Law No. 5307.

  • Responsibilities
  • EMRA regulates the electricity, natural gas, downstream petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas markets.
  • Authorities
  • Public authority with administrative and financial autonomy.

    Supervised by Prime Ministry Higher Supervisory Board and Court of Accounts.

    Submits an Annual Report to the Ministry of Energy and National Resources.

    Decisions can be appealed to Administrative Courts.

Organisational Structure

  • Organigram
  • Internal Structure
  • EMRA’s decision-making body is the Board, comprising 9 members including the President and the Second-President. There are 10 departments and about 495 staff (excluding the Board members) assigned in the Authority. The President, the Second-President and the Board Members are appointed by the Council of Ministers for 6-year terms. Re-appointment is possible.
  • Working Employees
  • Number of Commissioners: 9
  • Number of Staff: 495
  • Budget
  • Licensing, license renewal, license amendment and annual license fees, revenues from publications and miscellaneous revenues, grants provided by international institutions, a portion of the fines, transmission surcharge constitute the revenues of EMRA.

Population: 80 274 604 (2016 est.) 

GDP / Capita: $ 9 317 (2016 est.)

Territory: 783 562 km2 (37. in World rank)