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Professional development in energy regulation requires a working knowledge of regulatory economics, good understanding of policy impacts and the ability to navigate national policy processes. Among others it requires effective agency management of the legal and organizational processes necessary for adequate due process protection in regulatory activities.

As our association evolved and members faced staffing issues (recruitment of qualified staff, staff changes etc.) it became clear that there was a strong need for formal, structured in-house  training programs to augment the best practices transfer exercised in ERRA meetings and other activities of the association. The diversity of students on these courses is a reflection of the high demand for relevant education.

The majority of ERRA’s training courses were developed with pilot funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as a means of providing critical training to regulators in the region and supporting ERRA’s institutional development. 

Structure of the ERRA Training Activities

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Introductory Level

Intermediate/Advanced Level


Educational Workshops

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Main Characteristics of ERRA Training Programs

The majority of ERRA’s course instructors are current or former regulators, creating a strong link between applied knowledge and the theoretical concepts that guide regulation. This characteristic allows ERRA to design training courses that focus equally on practical applications and theoretical methodology, and include the transfer of relevant direct experience. This is a distinct comparative advantage in a market that is populated by academic institutions and training centers that are often focus on the theoretical background and less on the day to day reality of regulatory challenges faced by regulators.

ERRA educates participants through a variety of methods, including group exercises, mock simulations, participant case studies, on-site visits and self-testing; providing them a foundation to adapt regulatory procedures to their own national legal and regulatory frameworks.

Participants receive a vast array of documentation to support the different themes and modules. These materials include a training handbook, powerpoint presentations of all course instructors, list of suggested readings and reference materials. Personalized certificates are awarded to participants who successfully complete the programs.

ERRA also developed the Certified Energy Regulator training certificate to indicate that participants in ERRA courses have achieved a set level of fluency in the regulatory field. For more information please visit >>.



ERRA’s training centre for the in-house training programs is Budapest, Hungary.


ERRA On-Site Custom Trainings

The uniqueness of the topics involved in energy regulation requires a range of professionals to teach the core competencies. ERRA has provided on-site custom trainings in the past to educate regulatory staff members in the many aspects of utility regulation.