EU Parliament plans to boost use of renewable energy

Renewables will have to make up 42.5% of the EU’s energy consumption by 2030, with the aim of achieving 45% Faster approval procedure for deploying renewables New fuels in the transport sector should lead to a 14.5% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions

World Economic Forum: How to ensure a just transition to a green economy

A just transition is the process of saving the planet by moving to a low-carbon economy in a way that is fair and equitable for everyone. The concept of a just transition entered the broader climate change agenda during the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015. The clean energy revolution has created new jobs and opportunities, but has challenged fossil fuel and carbon-intensive companies. To avoid jobs being lost and the social impact that comes with that, just transition is needed.

Global Outlook on Energy Markets and Transition

Presentation delivered by the World Bank on Global Outlook on Energy Markets and Transition on the occasion of the “ERC Forum 2023: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition” (August 28-30, 2023, Bangkok, Thailand).

World Economic Forum: Storage is the key to the renewable energy revolution

Investment in renewable energy is skyrocketing, in line with ambitious national targets aimed at curbing carbon emissions. As renewable energy capacity grows, better ways of storing this energy should be identified, to avoid waste and deal with demand spikes. Utility companies and other providers are increasingly focused on developing effective long-term energy storage solutions.