Isin Unver


Serbia launches first renewables auction

Serbia has announced the launch of its first auction for the allocation of market premiums for wind power plants with a 400 megawatt (MW) capacity and solar power plants with a 50 MW capacity.

Hungary launches its largest solar power plant so far

The new solar power plant built in Mezőcsát covers an area of ​​440 hectares, consists of 466,000 solar panels and can produce 372 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity annually. The investment represents the country’s largest continuous solar park, which will account for 8 per cent of the total domestic solar-generated electricity.

The Dark Side of Hydrogen: The Holy Grail or Climate Catastrophe?

“The holy grail” of the energy future – hydrogen may soon have a very serious problem, which, if not solved quickly, will bring the whole “hydrogen revolution” to a halt. This is caused by the already absolute certainty that hydrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere reacts with tropospheric hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Therefore, its uncontrolled emission into the atmosphere disturbs the distribution and holds dangerously the decomposition of methane, ozone or water vapour, which can lead us, in the short term, to a possible climate cataclysm.