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Women in the Energy Sector – My Career Story

The concept of the series bases on interviews with leading female figures in the energy industry with a purpose of learning from their inspiring biographies and reflections on the course of their professional paths.
Introduction to Balancing Markets Training lead

Introduction to Balancing Markets

This course is specifically designed for experts working in the field of electricity markets who want to understand and learn more about a very important function performed by TSOs and market players: balancing electricity markets and the involved ancillary services.
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Regulation of Hydrogen Value Chains

The course allows participants to structure the proper regulatory framework for a functioning hydrogen economy across all the parts of its value chain from production to demand.

Renewable Energy Investment Conference

The 19th ERRA conference concept is finally back on the agenda. The overarching theme of the 3-day event is “Accelerating the clean energy transition through investments into renewable energy”.
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ERRA Summer School: Introduction to Energy Regulation

ERRA’s flagship event is a „must” for junior regulatory staff as it lays the foundations on the basic principles of regulation including different regulatory models, market structures, price and tariff regulation and recent technology drivers transforming our sectors.

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Electrification Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa I.

The first edition of the webinar series will look into the status quo and ways forward for the fundamental development of electricity access in Sub-Saharan regions. Speakers will present current statistics and elaborate on ongoing challenges and needs to foster the process.

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Fundamentals of Water Utility Regulation

The course is dedicated to the core responsibilities and activities of water utility regulatory authorities: theoretical lessons will be supplemented by case study examples and a tariff setting exercise.