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8th High-level Meeting of Regional Associations of Emerging Markets


December 3, 2018 // Milan, Italy 

Organized by:
Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)

Hosted by:
Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG)


In 2013, ERRA launched the organisation of an annual high-level roundtable gathering Associations of regulators from emerging economies of the world. The first roundtable was held in Istanbul (Turkey) and proved very successful and useful for participants, thus leading to the organization of subsequent meetings in Johannesburg (2014), in Istanbul again (2015), in Milan (2016), in Budapest (2017), in Cancun (2018) and in Istanbul (2018).


The objective of this meeting is to continue offering a high-level exchange platform for Associations of regulators representing emerging economies to develop cooperation and exchange of experiences in several areas of energy regulation. The meeting will discuss the first concrete cooperation project of RAEC, addressing regulatory roles in the development of Mini-Grids. Further, participants will discuss possible future collaboration or joint projects based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed on March 21, 2018 among participating associations: AFUR, ARIAE, ERERA, ERRA, MEDREG, RERA and OOCUR.


  • African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR)
  • Association of Ibero-American Regulators (ARIAE)
  • ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERERA)
  • Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)
  • Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG)
  • Organisation of Caribbean Utility Regulators (OOCUR)
  • Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa (RERA)



Welcome address and introduction of participants

• Ms. Gülefsan Demirbas, President, MEDREG
• Mr. Mart Ots, Chairman, ERRA

Overview of previous High Level Meetings and reflection on the 2019 Meeting

• Krisztina Kasza, ERRA

Topic 1: Latest developments in the Associations’ activities (Each Association is requested to make a max. 10-minute-long presentation)
Questions & Answers

Tour de table moderated by Hasan Özkoc, Deputy Secretary General, MEDREG
• Hasan Özkoc, MEDREG
• James Manda, AFUR
• Abdulrahman Ali Al-Muhanna, Arab Regulatory Forum
• Luis Jesús Sánchez de Tembleque, ARIAE
• Professor Honoré D. S. Bogler, ERERA
• Maria Manicuta, ERRA
• Elijah Sichone, RERA

Coffee break


Topic 2: Joint Research Paper: Regulatory Considerations in the Development of Mini-Grids (Presentation of the individual chapters followed by discussion. Discussion about the final publication.)

Introductory presentation and moderation by Ardian Berisha, ERRA Tour de table:
• Veronica Lenzi, MEDREG
• Luis Jesús Sánchez de Tembleque, ARIAE
• James Manda, AFUR

Lunch Break


Topic 3: Sustainability of Regional Regulatory Association: The Role and Structure of the Secretariats

Moderated by Krisztina Kasza, ERRA Tour de table:
• Hasan Özkoc, MEDREG
• James Manda, AFUR
• Abdulrahman Ali Al-Muhanna, Arab Regulatory Forum
• Luis Jesús Sánchez de Tembleque, ARIAE
• Professor Honoré D. S. Bogler, ERERA
• Elijah Sichone, RERA

Coffee break


Topic 4: Joint Action Plan for Future Cooperation
Video Greetings from ICER Chairman

• Krisztina Kasza, ERRA
• Veronica Lenzi, MEDREG
• Daniel Schmerler, ICER

Topic 5: External intervention from Enel Foundation: main activities and possibility for cooperation
Presentation & Tour de table with participants

• Dr. Carlo Papa, Director, ENEL Foundation

Wrap up and Conclusions

• Krisztina Kasza, ERRA
• Hasan Özkoc, MEDREG

Meeting Venue



ARERA Meeting Room
Address: Piazza Cavour 5, Milan, Italy