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ERRA Hybrid Training: Regulatory Tools for Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Review and Assessment
Hybrid: Regulatory Tools for Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Review and Assessment

This course provides valuable insights into policy instruments applicable to capital expenditure approval as well as a step-by-step practical guide on the tools regulators employ to assess the reasonableness of capital expenditure proposals submitted by regulated licensees. Policy discussions are complemented with mathematical techniques for investment decisions and excel modeling exercises, adding to the practical learning experience for regulators and utility staff responsible for regulatory affairs.

Fundamentals of Water Utility Regulation // ERRA Hybrid Training (May 30 - June 2, 2022 in Budapest, Hungary)

Hybrid: Fundamentals of Water Utility Regulation

The course is dedicated to the core responsibilities and activities of water utility regulatory authorities. Participants will gain knowledge on key economic concepts guiding the operation of the sector, the challenges faced by sector participants including the wider problems of water management, and the role of the regulator and regulatory models including best practices. A core theme of the course is tariff setting and approval by the regulator: theoretical lessons will be supplemented by case study examples and a tariff setting exercise. Sufficient time will also be dedicated to the role of performance benchmarking in regulation

Hybrid: 20th ERRA Summer School: Introduction to Energy Regulation

2022 marks the organisation of ERRA’s 20th Summer School. It is ERRA’s flagship training course providing a complete insight into regulation of restructured electricity and gas industries. Apart from covering basic regulatory responsibilities such as tariff setting, it will cover new market trends, in particular the integration of renewables, energy transition and the related regulatory tasks in hybrid format. This comprehensive training format has been a trusted source of introductory energy market knowledge for 20 years.

Hybrid Training: ERRA 20th Summer School: Introduction to Energy Regulation

Introduction to Balancing Markets // ERRA Online Training (September 26 - October 07, 2022)

Online: Introduction to Balancing Markets

This course is specifically designed for experts working in the field of electricity markets who want to understand and learn more about a very important function performed by transmission system operators and market players: balancing electricity markets and the involved ancillary services. This function plays a crucial role in ensuring security of supply and has an important effect on the final cost to consumers. Integration of national balancing markets could contribute to enhanced security of supply and to decreasing electricity prices so there is a strong argument for developing cross border balancing markets.